Frequently Asked Questions

Does CandorFi have a token?
No CandorFi does not have a Native token. We did not want the value of the prize pools tied to price fluctuation. We decided to work with stable coins. USDC/BUSD

How many times can I enter each scale?
Once per pool with an unlimited amount of weight.

When will we know who the winners are?
When the scale is full Chainlinks VRF will determine the random winner.

How many times can you win per pool?
You can win multiple times, there is no limit.

Do I have to share my referral link?
Of course not! Why wouldn’t you though? I am sure you don’t know anyone who would want a Lambo/$1,000,000!

Is there an expiration for collecting free crypto from my referral link?
While KuCoin, Binance and other companies set an expiration for your referral link, here at CandorFi, we believe that you should earn this amount in perpetuity for contributing to the success of our growth!

Who do I contact if I want to run an advertisement on your website?
Great question! Start by sending an e-mail to

How do I get my Lambo after winning?
First, you’ll need to e-mail to begin a dialogue with the team. After verification, pending location and considering travel restrictions, the CandorFi team hopes to turn this into a Lambo bash broadcasted on the official CandorFi YouTube channel!

After entering the $1,000,000 pool, and the pool completes, how quickly will the winner receive their million dollars?
That’s the best part, the smart contract will automatically use Chainlink’s VRF, choose the winner, and pay the prize immediately, thus creating a new millionaire!

CandorFi Terms & Conditions

The Gambler is CandorFi’s core membership for crypto investors who are looking for a chance to win big! We have a variety of scales that range from $10,000-$1,000,000 USDC/BUSD. Whether you want to ape into the winner takes-all-format, or increase your chances with the 10-winner payout, we have something for everyone. The grand prize for our signature scale is a Lamborghini.

The Influencer is CandorFi’s shilling, or referral program. Anyone who holds an active CandorFi membership is automatically enrolled as an Influencer and is provided a personal referral link. You can share it with friends, family or your fanbase. For every new member who signs up with your referral link, you earn a commission of 17% of each weight that member enters for life!

We give over 70% of each scale back to the CandorFi community! A scale is the individual pool that any active member can enter by adding weight. A minimum of 4 players is required to complete any scale. The more weight you enter into the scale, the better your chances of winning. You can win multiple times when you play the 10 winner payout. Entries are on a first come first serve basis. Each pool must be approved once before entering weight.



A "weight" is an entry into a pool. Each scale you want to join requires entering weight. There is no weight limit a member can purchase for a specific scale. The more weight you enter, the better your odds of winning that scale. Each user may only enter each pool ONCE but there is no limit on the amount of weight you throw in! 

When a new member joins CandorFi, they will have a personal dashboard which they can access anytime.

From the dashboard, a member can find:

This is the total amount you have earned from all categories (not including the Investor category).

The grand total paid out by CandorFi in every category.

This is the total amount CandorFi has paid out to all Influencers (shillers) since launch.

1% of every scale completed will be allotted as a payout to the top 20 influencers of the year.

Current referrals are the number of active members that used your referral link.

Classic scales are the original scales launched by CandorFi. Winners get paid in USDC/BUSD.

These are physical, non-crypto prizes like the Lamborghini. The winner will get a choice between the physical item or USDC/BUSD. A fee will be assessed with the USDC/BUSD option.

These scales are voted on by the community via our Telegram community.

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The CandorFi platform is for entertainment purposes only, it is not an investment. Before entering any pools or games associated with CandorFi you must do your own research and fully understand the rules to each game. You agree you are not holding the CandorFi team, Affiliates, or any partners associated reliable for any losses, taxes, or decrease in net worth you may incur. You agree you are not purchasing a security or investment. Always make sure you are in compliance with local laws and regulations. You should not have any form of expectations from CandorFi and it’s team. None of the information published on this site constitutes a recommendation that any particular cryptocurrency, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person or entity.

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