How To Play

1. Create An Account

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2. Join A Scale For A Chance To Win Big!

From the left side of your dashboard, you can quickly find all available scales, including:

You can easily enter any scale by clicking ENTER WEIGHT and choose the amount of weight USDC/BUSD you want to put in the scale.

1 weight = $10.00 USDC/BUSD

If you do not have any available USDC/BUSD, just click ADD USDC/BUSD.

You can easily monitor the progress of all pools from your dashboard.

Pay Out

When a scale has completed, CandorFi will call for Chainlinks Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF). This ensures a provably-fair and verifiable randomly picked winner(s). The smart contract associated with the scale distributes the USDC/BUSD to the winners wallet.


There are two types of USDC/BUSD payouts:

Winner Takes All
For the CandorFi member who loves the thrill of high stakes and even higher rewards!

10-Winner Payout
10 randomly-selected winners will split the pot as follows:

You can win multiple times on the 10 winner payout scale!


Our first item will be a Lamborghini (valued at $300,000 USDC/BUSD)

How To Claim Your Prize:

1. Contact CandorFi
Let us know you’re the winner by emailing us at

2. Choose Your Prize
You can choose between the Lamborghini or USDC/BUSD.

If you choose the Lambo: The winner will receive a deposit of $6,000 USDC/BUSD into their wallet. The winner has 30 days to claim their Lamborghini by contacting CandorFi. CandorFi will arrange details for acquisition.

If you choose the USDC/BUSD, there will be a 16% fee. Remaining funds will be sent to the coordinating wallet.

3. Play Again
The scale will restart and another winner will be selected!


Community scales are a variety of scales voted on and chosen by the community via Telegram. These scales will be both USDC/BUSD as well as physical items.

A winner will be randomly-selected under the same rules as covered in the USDC/BUSD scales and physical items scales.

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The CandorFi platform is for entertainment purposes only, it is not an investment. Before entering any pools or games associated with CandorFi you must do your own research and fully understand the rules to each game. You agree you are not holding the CandorFi team, Affiliates, or any partners associated reliable for any losses, taxes, or decrease in net worth you may incur. You agree you are not purchasing a security or investment. Always make sure you are in compliance with local laws and regulations. You should not have any form of expectations from CandorFi and it’s team. None of the information published on this site constitutes a recommendation that any particular cryptocurrency, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person or entity.

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